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Climbing Permits

Climbing permits can be obtained by adults and young people, and offer those within the Scout association the opportunity to enjoy climbing and inspire the next generation!

Personal Climbing Permits

As an Explorer you may want to go climbing with your friends at local climbing centres.

The Scout Association allow young people to obtain Personal Climbing Permits, should they be competent enough to do so. This means that you can go climbing with your fellow personal climbing permit holders without the need for a climbing instructor, subject to the climbing wall's rules of course!

If you have an interest in obtaining a personal climbing permit, then take a look at our permit information page and then contact our administrator to confirm course suitability.

Leadership & Supervisory Permits 

Leadership & Supervisory Permits can be obtained by both adults and young people. These permits allow the aforementioned to instruct climbing for young people. 

As the climbing team, we offer both training and assessments to enable scout members to obtain climbing permits suitable to their experience and ability. 

If you are interested in leadership or supervisory permits then please visit our training and assessment pages. 

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